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Why is Afya Sublimation paper?

High Quality

Afya Sublimation paper provides clients from Thinnest paper to heaviest paper same quality. Our paper offers thanks to its coating highest ink transferring without having waves problems, drying issues and printing problems which gives Customer easy usage possibility on every type of brand of Machine and Ink.

Ink Release

Thanks to its coating system and its chemicals, Afya Sublimation paper release maximum Ink, with same amount spreading all over fabric. That gives consumers have excellent outcomes with our paper.

Excellent Service

We, as Afya paper family, provide high quality of service in Product Packaging, delivery issues and approach to problems with solution. With our sales representatives you will not be alone pre-sales, during sales and after sales.


With excellent communication skills within company among Sales, production, technic and quality departments, we are able to provide our clients most competitive prices in Market with excellent service and quality.

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